Friday Firepower: Who hasn’t fired an AK? (48 Photos)

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  1. Adam says:

    You may have tried to use boobs to distract me, but I'm fairly certain that #46 is a shotgun and not an actual AK-47

    Myself, I have a Century Arms Bullpup AK (

  2. I am Name says:

    #32 Naturally.

    • Luis says:

      Jessica Jones / Sorry, I clearly hadn’t lkooed closely enough!I had checked the FB messages and not come acrossa0it when I posted this.a0 However, Paul just found a random other’ folder of messages and YES indeed there is an apology in there.a0 Thanks for that Dave.a0 a0

  3. dDesigner says:

    Go Poland!:)

  4. joe says:

    most are akm or ak 74 not the ak47.

  5. Guest says:

    a couple were the Chinese type 56.

  6. UKbloke says:

    This is my rifle…..

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