1. Kaelen says:

    its megatron bro, watch out

  2. markbrev says:

    #4 Tank Girl??

  3. lfd says:

    The tracks look like the meanest part. Otherwise it looks like it can only shoot up and has not side to side rotation without turning which makes fine aiming impossible.

    This might be a handy automated mortar unit though…

  4. wannes says:

    tankgirl is awesome =) also whatever that thing is supposed to be

  5. Jellis10 says:

    Star Fox tank???

  6. SelfDestruct94 says:

    looks like megatron from RotF

  7. miscellaneous says:

    Last photo is Lori Petty and Naomi Watts from the movie “Tank Girl”.

  8. lfd says:

    HA HA "How am I gonna play with myself?" That was possible the most awesome quote in that movie.

  9. Checkminus says:

    Who is she?!

  10. Matthew Joyce says:

    It look like megatron from transformer 2: rise of the fallen! cool too i wish it will work then ill steel it!!!

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