What are you doing with your Tuesday, I’m watching “Missions that changed the War”

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Surprise, surprise…I always watch the Military Channel. They have a series that runs on Tuesday night called “Missions that changed the War”. If you’re interested, tonight’s episode is called “Germany’s Last Ace” Gunter Rall, the most decorated aviator in Hitler’s Luftwaffe, tells in his own words how he fought daily on the Russian Front.  When he was called back into service to defend Germany from daily Allied bombing raids, he was shot down for the ninth and final time.  Rall explains the flawed Nazi strategy on the eastern front, how he survived being shot down multiple times and how he became a NATO General after WWII.  
Like I say, the series runs on Tuesday night and it beats the hell out of “American Idol” (I have no clue if Amer Idol is on Tuesday b/c I watch the Military Channel).



  1. xlr 99 says:


    The most decorated pilot in Hitler's luftwaffe, and indeed all of of the wehrmacht was a fella by the name of Hans-Ulrich Rudel. He had to have decorations invented for him because he'd won pretty much all of them. Americans love stats so ill give a few – 2500 sorties, 500 tanks destroyed and hundreds of vehicles as well as a battleship all by himself… He's not so well known i guess because a) he flew dive bombers and b) he was a nazi.

    • sav says:

      Ah… the Stuka-Meister.

      "Unstoppable" should have been his handle.

      Today's Fighting Men definately look like tame children compared to those guys – Axis or Allied.

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