1. lolnonomous says:

    #10 is cool but what is it? /novice

    • Glenn says:

      Thats the line they shoot over to supply ships so then they can bring the cables and fuel lines over.

    • Walton says:

      That is an M-14 Rifle with an attached Mk87 Shot Line adapter Kit. It uses grenade (gas) cartridges to propel a rubber bullet across to the other ship. The line attached to the bullet is orange for better visibility (plus it floats) and has a tensil strength of 550lbs. It is also 550 ft long. The person at the shooters right is the line holder. A typical kit has a canister that is mounted on the barrel of the rifle, but it takes too much time to reload if the shot is not received well and the shooter needs to shoot again. So, a holder is used to speed the process. Reading below give a pretty good explanation for the evolution in progress.

  2. ABFirefighter says:

    It's the gun they use to shoot a line to another ship for when re-supplying. Then they use that line to pull a larger cable back to them which allows for the transfer of supplies without having to go to port. You can see them supporting the fuel lines in #4 and #7

  3. jerry says:

    Wow, thanks so much for bringing back so may great memories. I have been on many unreps for fuel, food and ammo and these photos are the best. Great job. It's an amazing evolution to see, if you have ever been a part of it you know what I mean. And if you have never been a part of it, you will never understand.

  4. fatcat4214 says:

    You know whats funny about 15# all of the guys are fucked up, but worst of all the chief.

  5. john says:

    #23 and not a single fuck was given that day.

  6. Capt Chunk says:

    #18 That is the USS Cod. An old diesel submarine, it is moored in Cleveland. The tour they give is pretty cool.

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