• Dwayne

    #11 I choo-choo-choose this weapon

    • Jack

      I'd choose her but I have a weak heart!

      • yup

        Would certainly be a hell of a way to go.

  • felix

    #19 ffs! that's some hell of a tank!

  • Rob

    #11 Stone cold killer good looks!

  • HankT

    #11…in a heartbeat!

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  • salverai

    i'll take #16 ya…. God's wrath always wins.

  • Dust

    #11 is the most dangerous.

  • Payce

    #7 is pretty cool, different adaptations of the M14.

  • Muadieb

    I choose #11 as well! What's up with the bottom most M14 in #7 though? That thing must be super light!

    • Muadieb

      Just saw that it appears to be an EBR without all the attachment rails. Still awesome though.

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