1. eric says:

    DAAMMM the guy has balls of steel!!!!

  2. Will says:

    he just drove a burning tanker through a gasoline station…wow balls of steel

  3. awesomeniss says:


  4. Jdash says:

    That was stupid. he spread that fire around closer to the pumps….. That tanker was not about to blow up.

  5. Iiand says:

    Cool video man. I dig it.@ Dr. Strangepork-Jeez dude, maybe your blood sugar is low? Keep in mind that the rest of the world might not be as brilliant, well read, and ibdnecirly informed as you are and perhaps some of this info, and even these concepts, are in fact, new to some viewers.Or you could just flame the guy to death.Whatever makes the most sense.

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