1. Sappercrg says:

    #13 A banana? WTF?

  2. TJDADJ says:

    #14 : Reservists, Canadian Forces..Fuck Yeah!

  3. Andrew Prue says:

    HUAW! OR HUYAW!! What is at stake? Jeffersonian Democracy! I am afraid most of our military has not read or at least understood our constitution! People are People, we all want Liberty! The Us Military swears an Alliance to the US Constitution! But the do not know what that means!

    Right is right ! wrong is wrong!

    All off us humans deserve the same rights!!!!!!!!!

  4. Payce says:

    I think it's just a makeshift CP, all the TACP's I worked with were rarely in HMMWV's.

  5. Shiyan says:

    Awesome. Thanks for the response Payce.

  6. croat20 says:

    #15 Divulje, Croatian Air Force base. Near Trogir, Croatia if any1 wanted to know :)

    Respect to theBrigade!

  7. Harvoid says:

    Members of a Regular Force Pioneer unit??

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