1. guest says:

    first!! and this was actually a big surprise…looks like we may need a few boots on the ground to sort this out…

    • sav says:

      Yep, not shown these picks but there's a near whole AIM120C lying by the debri. Plus it looks like a targeting pod or LANTIRN or whatever in the foreground.

  2. @Dishwater says:

    by looks of it some one scuttled the holy jebus out of it.

  3. Ramairguy says:

    How did it get knocked down? No reports of a downed F15 on the news that I have seen? The clip I saw of a crashing jet on fire was that of a Mig-23 Flogger. Any ideas?

  4. Fred Garvin says:

    They look like buzzards circling a carcass.

  5. neil says:

    crashed due to a technical problem according to the press in the uk. those guys round it are on our side.

  6. jojo says:

    i think they're just curious bystanders, a crash of an f-15 would bring anyone out… not buzzards or the other side, just people..

  7. Cocopella says:

    Channel 4 says an american rescue chopper recovered the second pilot and fired at the people helping him. 6 of them died apparently, but they said they forgive them.

  8. Mixed says:

    Hi Fred. Are you one of those American mix breeds who hates purebreed folks of all colors?

    • mixed says:

      I'd delete my previous comment if I could, it sounds belligerent. Just getting real sick of people looking for an excuse to act hateful.

  9. awesomeniss says:

    picture 2 was perfect timeing for him to walk right in tthe cameras vue

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