1. Jimmy says:

    Don't confuse some retards with all of America please. I wouldn't even give him an old used jock strap for support.

    • Rick says:

      Trust me, I don't think "all of America" supports him. It was one of those, I heard the "Dancing with Stars" thing and just got pissed…then I made the post.

  2. limerick3411 says:

    I agree, If the media in america caused such a huge deal over the comment the Dixie Chicks made (I'm not saying they were right either, but thats a whole other argument) and literally hundreds of radio stations boycotted their music for a simple comment, how can they do nothing about Chris Brown. What does that say to all the young kids growing up, that you can still be successful with a history of domestic violence? In a way, we're saying its ok to beat up on women. I personally dont own any of Chris Brown's music, but I encourage everyone to never buy one of his albums, and not to attend any of his live shows.

  3. CNB128 says:

    It's a black thing, he learned his game from a pimp.

  4. the_mad_zak says:

    For some reason the media in the US is obsessed with hip-hop, rap and pop music. Metal gets no respect whatsoever. Chris Brown is a f'n punk and I could care less about what he has to say or how he feels. I absolutely do not go searching for news about him, but I can't escape it. It is all over the media. Meanwhile, awesome legendary metal bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest have reunited and have been putting out new music, and you don't hear a damn word about it in the media.

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