• AeroMace

    #22 I'll always advocate pilots in air to air combat situations, but these things are just so damned cool

    • lfd

      Just remember a UCAV can pull more G force than any pilot. I doubt a human could beat a computer in a F-22 if it came to turn and burn.

      • Airwalktdk

        yeah, in a controlled situation where the aim is to see who can pull more Gs the computer will win. But a dogfight where the two are trying to outfly and outsmart each other? Manned aircraft will always have the upper edge until the day we develop sentient AI

  • Grant

    #14 thanks

  • CF Nerd

    #9: Is that a CF 18? I think the roundel is partly obscured, but its close enough,

  • clb

    The first picture is just pratice gernades, you can tell from the blue colour.

  • P90

    #18 Mmmmm sexy.

  • Nicklas

    #20 The Archer. Sweden FTW once again….

  • imbrovvn

    I choose #18 and her weapons of mass SEDUCTION

  • yourmomonchive

    WHATS # 10?

  • kualjo

    I was going to say give me one of each, but I'll settle for a whole lot of #18.

  • RiderPrider

    What is #10?

    • Tice

      KA-50 Black Shark, its a Russian Attack Helicopter

  • Jeremy

    I choose #18

    • Sayaka

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  • meh

    yay #1. training grenades will really do a lot of damage

  • Bob

    It will always be the infantryman with his rifle….

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