Fire me up some weapons to choose from (22 HQ Photos)

17 0 0

There are more weapons out there but these are today's options
So, what'll ya have?

theBRIGADE wants to show off your weapon of choice?
Submit your Photos here

theBRIGADE wants to show off your weapon of choice?
Submit your Photos here


  1. AeroMace says:

    #22 I'll always advocate pilots in air to air combat situations, but these things are just so damned cool

    • lfd says:

      Just remember a UCAV can pull more G force than any pilot. I doubt a human could beat a computer in a F-22 if it came to turn and burn.

      • Airwalktdk says:

        yeah, in a controlled situation where the aim is to see who can pull more Gs the computer will win. But a dogfight where the two are trying to outfly and outsmart each other? Manned aircraft will always have the upper edge until the day we develop sentient AI

  2. Grant says:

    #14 thanks

  3. CF Nerd says:

    #9: Is that a CF 18? I think the roundel is partly obscured, but its close enough,

  4. clb says:

    The first picture is just pratice gernades, you can tell from the blue colour.

  5. P90 says:

    #18 Mmmmm sexy.

  6. Nicklas says:

    #20 The Archer. Sweden FTW once again….

  7. imbrovvn says:

    I choose #18 and her weapons of mass SEDUCTION

  8. yourmomonchive says:

    WHATS # 10?

  9. kualjo says:

    I was going to say give me one of each, but I'll settle for a whole lot of #18.

  10. RiderPrider says:

    What is #10?

  11. Jeremy says:

    I choose #18

    • Sayaka says:

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  12. meh says:

    yay #1. training grenades will really do a lot of damage

  13. Bob says:

    It will always be the infantryman with his rifle….

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