• x30515

    This guy must have been the ultimate bro when he landed back on earth.

  • JRG

    Fuckin tibla pinko commie that would have been an American if those sneaky reds didnt hav spies in every niche of American government.

    • V4vendetta14

      We have to give Yuri Gagarin credit. It took that embarrassment to really motivate Americans to win and ultimately dominate the space race for decades.

      Interesting point is the Soviets didn't have a braking system at that time and Gagarin was ejected at 20,000 feet. Not that that negates his accomplishment. Oh, and he wasn't the fist soviet pilot to attempt…they don't mention that a lot…

    • I am Name

      Looks like someone is jealous.

  • JAR

    There are all sorts of theorys as to why the US let the Soviets get to space first…one I found interesting was that nobody was entirely sure how the whole concept of airspace ownership/restriction would work from in space, and rather than tackle the idea themselves, they wanted to let the Soviets test the waters first.

  • Airwalktdk

    i remember reading somewhere that the seal in yuri's suit ruptured at the wrist and the guy was actually exposed to space for a short while.
    Must be one hell of a badass if that true.

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