1. Anakrusix says:

    #16 is … pathetic.

  2. Dan says:

    #19 I can't believe he's such a good actor, and yet so completely out of it.

  3. Rebel_Soul says:

    #4 seems like a very Good idea

  4. Yoda says:

    Absolute class!

  5. mojo2975 says:

    #16 seriously?? are we becoming that lazy.
    #22 someone had a bad day.

  6. john says:

    #29 = a very, very good idea. what are you doing this weekend?

  7. TitoRigatoni says:

    Why is #2 a bad idea?

  8. TitoRigatoni says:

    #16 and it looks like he already has pec implants.

  9. I am Name says:

    Is there anything about #4, #12, and #29 that we should know? Are they underage? Transgender? There has to be reason why they are here.

  10. Swarley says:

    #22 what was it?

  11. Ash says:

    Was a Gumpert Apollo……til the guys kid wrote it off(I believe)

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