1. soupnuts says:


  2. Gaile says:

    ” and yes, sh*t gets stuck in there ALL of the time. I find fuzz form my jacket, cmurbs from chips and bread, and I even found a twist tie in my hair once . Explain that!” You have crappy hygiene skills? Don’t own a comb or brush? My hair, at just below my bum, is what many of you would consider freakishly long, and NO, it does NOT collect garbage, nor does it fall in the toilet, or the sink, or the mop bucket because I have enough brain cells to know when to put it up or how to hold it out of the way. And to kill another myth: it doesn’t take that long to care for (when hair gets past floor length it can). I don’t spend 20 minutes to an hour or more everyday fighting with hairdryers, curling irons, hair gel, mousse, etc. If I had to deal with what most “fashionable” styles require every day, I think I’d go postal. Wash, air dry, put it up if I want to. Simple.

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