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  • Fe Fe

    #88 is all man

  • kent

    #30 #34

    New camo. Mesh on the helmets now too.

  • Nazz1962

    #9 That is one spankable ass right there!

  • dan

    what… the deuce… is #24?

  • Anon

    Thank you all for your service. I, for one, will always be thankful for our military men and women.

  • joe

    #74 your fucked!!

  • JMikeH

    #52 "What would you do if you had a million dollars?" -Peter Gibbons

    • Rick

      …at the same time. I figure…

  • ryeguy

    #39 "Happiness is a warm gun that shoots bad guys"

  • Yoda

    #30 The brave, so we can be free. Stay safe. God bless.

  • Brent

    The girl in photo is from Bloomington Indiana

  • LonelyAirman

    My prayers and thoughts are with my brothers and sisters in arms on the front lines.

  • 3rdInfantry11B

    Leave the twats out of the photos. And why no photos of dead rags?

  • Chris

    I like to look at hot girls as much as anyone but putting them randomly in the Brigade is kind of disrespectful and lame.

  • Your Face

    #27 AIR ASSAULT!

  • Nicolas

    can I get #32 in high res please? I have a set of wallpapers of hot girls holding guns and that one would be a great aquisition. thanks

    • evan329

      I do have a high-res or this gal…shoot me an e-mail and I'll get it to ya

  • northerner

    #48, Please tell me there aren't really bugs that big somewhere. Please. Please tell me that's fake….please. Blech! That sucker would never get that close to me. It would get a full clip emptied into it at first sighting. Blech!

  • portj21

    #50 is some foreign POS! get that off this site and show some 'merican pride mofos!


    Hate to break it to ya there Portj21 but #92 is a Canadian. hope that doesn't offend too much… lol


    I think the random girls make the posts better! Just wish they were delivered to me, printed out, by these random girls. Especially by #38!

    • n1ghtstalker

      Is it just me or does she look like she is ~dropping the kids off at the pool~?

      • That Guy

        that was my first thought.

    • tom

      Carina Damm

  • Brody

    Hoaah! I salute you all thank you for your service

  • That Guy

    too much awesome in #16 … only amongst soldiers does it get lost in the mix.

  • NavyAC

    #40, I saw this many times when I was stationed at NAS Lemoore. Legacy planes are sweet!

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