1. Nicklas says:

    This is'nt beauty, killing animals?

  2. USA! says:

    Sorry what?
    This is a military page as far as I can tell. Now you are showing pictures of how beautiful the world is while on the post below you are showing what a 2000lb bomb does?

    What are you guys smoking?

    • ECKPM says:

      A lot of us military guys enjoy the outdoors. I understand your point but maybe it has something to do with the duality of man. Ya know?

  3. MikeL71 says:

    There are plenty of common threads between hunting and the military.

    Isn't hunting is a part of survival training, which is part of military training (depending on the branch and/or specialty)? Both require shooting at live creatures too.

    And there is no reason you can't enjoy the beauty of nature and appreciate animals just because you're shooting at some of them.

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