Some good, some great…I still love girls of Hooters Part 2 (52 Photos)

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  • Mr Mav

    #16 & #31 are WELL hot!!!

  • Swarley

    #11 #33 #35 #41 #50

  • Hey_You

    #33 2nd from the right on the front row, wouldn't mind seeing more of that!

  • Dan

    #51 The one holding the sign sure as hell isn't.

  • Spankster

    I used to work IT for Hooters, and they don't promote Hooters Girls (which, believe it or not, is the preferred term for a waitress at Hooters) to managers based on brains. Some of the comments from these bimbos amazed me. Low-quality food at inflated prices prepared in a disgusting kitchen by sweaty dudes who don't care about standards.


    • u loser

      you should go to the hanger club then, maybe you;ll like the sausage there

  • fazryx

    i lose control

  • Jedi

    #26 DAYUM!

  • newscot

    Hot as hell, but in the end, they're still just bad waitresses.

  • McSgwigga

    I love Hooters

  • Country Boy

    Hooters girls are badass. For those that don't know, they send free, signed Hooters calenders to the troops that are deployed overseas.

  • Tommy2X4

    #18 Shaq is saying, "Now calm down ladies, there's enough of me to go around a few times!"

    • Jack Mehoff

      Thats not Shaq , you test tube baby.

    • Dick LeGrande

      Yeah, tommy two toes. Ya prom night dumpster baby.

  • top dog

    #18, Charles Barkley does not do hover-hand.

  • shaunvw

    Yes SOME hooters girls are very hot. MOST of them are terrible waitresses. ALL of the food is fucking horrible.

  • RoflFunk

    God Bless Hooters!

  • john

    hey guys, all of these young ladies are someone's daughter.

    and i'd still get on that.

  • bob151

    #51 Nope. They're for makin' sammiches.

    • TZJ

      Wouldn't mind being the meat in a hooters girl sandwich

  • EvilDungBeetle

    I'm suddenly in the mood for some hot wings…boobs! Sorry, I meant boobs.

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