1. Jimmy5923 says:

    the side doors don't open wide enough for a quick exit, they are great for medical use like they were built for, and dropping off a few PJ's, but if you need to dump off 6-8 people in a hurry, not too sure bout that.

  2. Orion987987987987 says:

    No, It doesn't appear to have enough space to carry the man power of the Huey, but I've only seen them already in flight, or from above, in a Huey

  3. fazryx says:

    hemmm,….war machine

  4. kurt says:

    correct me if i'm wrong here but wasn't the blackhawk supposed to take the huey's job?

  5. cantkillcastro says:

    looks like the clown car of helicopters

  6. cjm says:

    the replaced the huey with the 60 in the army a long time ago. the marine corps is the only one still using them and they are being phased out for a new upgraded 4 bladed huey. im not sure who's hueys these would replace…..

  7. Dom says:

    Keep the Huey!!!! Its one of the best aircraft that the military has to equip its troops and its reliability. Hell we've been using them since Vietnam.

  8. Lidianny says:

    Hey old buddy! Thanks for stopping by I’m heaedd to Xi’an first because my friend and all his family is there. The Academy where I’ll be teaching also has a branch in Xi’an. But I want to eventually make my way to Hong Kong and live there for a few months too!After that, Italy or Spain?

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