1. Everett McAnnally says:

    this is emotional!!! all this fighting and he is finally dead! HOO-AH!!!!

  2. I am Name says:

    Is it wrong that I think it's wrong that people are celebrating a death? Because I think it's wrong that I think it's wrong.

    • rieko says:

      People are not celebrating a death. They are celebrating the justice brought to the man behind the death of thousands of innocent lives

  3. Mist says:

    How do we justify an assassination? Become happy and celebrate it? You can’t do wrong to make up for another wrong. The whole world cannot act psychotic because a world has one psycho. What are we teaching the next coming generation? That if some mad psycho rapes a president’s wife then the government must send the whole special force to go rape that psycho?

  4. Mist says:

    Well I have read you response, and I think you have a narrow and biased opinion to these. I believe somehow through a way-ward wind you have heard about the apartheid era in SA, I have personally been affected be the events and activities of that dark era, where my grand dad was tied with a rope to a bakkie (truck), the driver tagged him along until there was no breath left in his body.

    Does this mean SA was supposed to postpone democracy until black people (Victims of apartheid) got to a point where they believed that justice has been served? “If 1600 innocent black people were killed during that era, were we supposed to randomly pick 1600 white people kill them?” Then introduce democracy after we believe that justice has been served?

    Let me advice you my friend, no matter how soar and bitter the heart is:
    You can not do wrong to make up for another wrong
    Do you think Americans are internally fulfilled/ have found inner peace that they have assassinated to make up for an assassination?

    Last but not least, you haven’t created life in this universe, and you don’t have the right to take one. Only God can judge…

  5. Danial says:

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