1. Jenny478 says:

    #27 seriously photos now
    nice on #28

  2. Rick says:

    I can not wait to do tomorrow's post on why America deserves to see the photo

  3. zombie says:

    what patch/badge this guy wear on left arm ?
    what unit is he ?

    • JJB says:

      The picture is flipped, actually right arm. Look at the American flag.

      • Jennifer says:

        The American flag always look like that….
        look at 4, 19, and 21!!! The point the blue part towards the enemy!!

    • art says:

      Alot of guys overseas wear Joke tabs. not saying this is one but it could. as for the unit patch i have no idea. But i know guys that have "regular guy" tabs and shit like that.

  4. x30515 says:

    Delta doesn't have patches. Rangers have the scroll and tab. It's most likely some foreign unit that is serving under the Americans.

  5. OO, says:


    • Some Dude says:

      The American flag is always backwards- it symbolizes that our boys are running to the fight and not away from it. When I learned that I just about shat- seriously, how much cooler can these guys get?

  6. VedHead77 says:

    #10 and #11
    Amphib love! Go Gator Navy!

  7. Charlie says:


  8. blackeagle says:

    #2 Carrier night-ops, one of the most dangerous things out there.

  9. Anonymous says:

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  10. wow eeeee says:

    #5 my handle is just like the motor's

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