1. ka1865 says:

    #1 photoshopped?

    • ka1865 says:

      actually definitely

    • TBone says:

      definitely. you can't see the pilot's canopy! usually there is at least a glint of sunlight

      • ka1865 says:

        thats what I thought, no canpoy/rest of picture distinguish. and the other f16s appear to be going straight

    • That Guy says:

      yep. flyovers at A&M happen South to North. this is North to South. the shadows on the tails and the shadows on the field don't match. there would be just a little glare from the canopy.
      and the biggest sign that it's not real is that flyovers never have the jets weaponized. the side winder missiles wouldn't be on the the wings.

  2. asdv says:

    naw, i went to school there, they do this before every football game! Its A&M College Station! this is back in the 90's when a tradition to build a huge bonefire stopped becuase the bonefire fell on a couple students who were building it. GIG'EM AGGIES!

  3. STRETCH says:


  4. Swenick says:

    #10 JAS 39 Gripen! Sweden FTW.

  5. John says:

    #1 Why start with a fake pic? And not even a good attempt.

  6. chicksdigit says:

    #4 I love my company!! I can't wait to shoot gunnery again this summer.

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