theBRIGADE: Photos of the Week (88 Photos)

14 0 0

Be safe and thank you everyone for the great user submit photos this week
theBrigade wants to entertain you next week
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  1. Dan says:

    #27 Never seen one in real life. That thing is cool.

  2. RICHARD says:


  3. truth says:

    #20 Yo dawg, I heard you like revolvers, so we put a revolver in your revolver

    • Yulianti says:

      I think this blog is a great idea!!! As a parent I like to know what is heniappng in my son’s class. Sometimes you don’t always get the whole picture. I would appreciate periodic e-mail contact.Thanks

  4. Skid says:

    #4 #55 #70

    FUCK. NAPALM STRIKE (blackops)

    Fuck yes. I fell in love with those ladies.

  5. Pewpew says:

    #55 _b

  6. That Guy says:

    the brigade is like the chive with purpose. brigade on.

  7. Pew Pew says:

    #4 #8
    these photos are from greece from last few years strikes…amstel's bottle beer makes the best street napalm here:P

  8. Hey, you meat eaters – next time you chew on a sausage, think about all the grinded hormone-fat and virus-meat. central air conditioner prices guide

  9. Newfiebackflip says:

    #25 Bigfoot?

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