1. Jimmy5923 says:

    #14 "hMMM INDEED" lol

    • Matheus says:

      That is great that you have been ggnbliog so long. I have only been ggnbliog since June but now that I have discovered it I am hooked! It is amazing how you can make time for something enjoyable.

  2. VedHead77 says:

    #32 Release! Release! Release!

  3. absolutcarcrazy says:

    #31, God bless America

  4. Dicon says:

    Dec08 Prepare any questions brefoe you contact the pastor. I’ve been to interviews where, not only did the committee not have any significant questions, they were unable to answer many of my own. Have a clear plan for the process of calling a pastor. Let the contacted pastor know that plan on the front end so he won’t be left wondering what the next steps are. If the search committee decides to move in another direction, let the pastor know immediately I would add that the committee should stick with the plan and just advise any candidates and start over from zero if they need to change. Don’t change the rules.One committee had come to the point of considering me exclusively, and asked me to do the same. They were unable to decide unanimously one way or the other and started talking with two other candidates as well. I waited several months and turned down other potential opportunities as I waited for their decision. When I discovered what was going on, I withdrew my application. (by the way, only two search committees have ever communicated with me that they had stopped considering me as a candidate. All of the others simply ceased communication.)This process can be very frustrating.

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