• Kodos

    Freaking awesome lego of IJN Yamato.

    Japanese ship, Japanese girls… nice.

  • Mr. Loaf

    I don't understand why all those stupid toy boat pictures have been included in this sexy Asian chicks post.

    • jeremy

      There was a ship?

  • Dan

    This photo set is awesome. Girls and ship both!

  • Big_Hairy_Si


    Sexy Asian girl with tatts for the win!! Nice boat too.

  • medic2012

    Great post interrupted with pictures of a ship

  • Nico

    #32 HOLY GAP!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tastykak3s

    Leggos and hot asian chicks . . . Freakin awesome.

  • unknown

    i would say look at #3 #9 #12 #15 #23 #31 #32 #33 #30 #35 #37 i would say that u went off course a little lol nice girls and nice boat (YOU HAVE NO LIFE lol)

  • woof

    Now, if only we could build some lego Avengers and Hellcats to bomb the shit outta that boat, and history would repeat itself. Happy Memorial Day! Keep kickin ass out there, troops!

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