1. Chris says:

    True evil is a complete absence of empathy.

    How do folks get to that point?

    • gefundigeliebe says:

      Good question. Is this guy just born a sociopath or has he found some way to justify mass murder as a "necessary evil"?

  2. Phil says:

    My dad was very happy to hear about this. He served in Bosnia and the former Yugo with the Canadian Army. He still has problems with some of the things he saw over there. Mostly he says that seeing the kids live in such poor conditions was what bothered him the most.

    Hopefully justice will prevail. My best friends are Bosnian and had relatives killed in one of these masacers……very sad.

  3. @Dishwater says:

    I do hope that they are a bit quicker about getting him to trial than the Cambodians have been with getting the Khmer Rouge

  4. konaehukai says:

    Fitst the US gets our number one man. Now Europe gets theirs. Not a good time to be in the genocide business.

  5. the truth says:

    it's the time to go to the hell and suffer 4ever

  6. Србија says:

    Ратко Младић – Српски херој!

  7. Rony says:

    Congratulations on your engagement! When does the weddnig take place?You mentioned in a previous email you were going back to Sydney for a while. I that because your contract has run out and you have to renew it?

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