1. NateyTheGreaty says:

    Rape is a TERRIBLE thing, but I think this protest was a bit silly, in the sense that not many people are actually blaming the victims. The rapist is to blame every step of the way.

    I think rape is caused by many factors, but some people seem to think that rape isn't caused by someone getting sexually excited by sexy clothes women wear. No doubt it can happen due to obsession and many other reasons, but if some rapists weren't turned on by what they saw, why would they forcefully attempt to stick their penis in someone else?

    Doesn't seem like an effective protest to me, just seems like people calling themselves sluts.

    • Hayley says:

      This protest was a reaction to a judge in Winnipeg calling a rapist a "clumsy Don Juan" and said that sex was in the air, then I believe he dismissed the charges (can't remember the specifics) A police officer in Toronto, speaking to a community group about safety, said that women should avoid rape by not "dressing like sluts". Both events were close together time wise. Those women are protesting by deliberately calling themselves sluts because how you dress doesn't indicate the desire to be raped – and good on them.

      • MLDM says:

        That's why we have the slut march in Toronto but this was apparently in Australia so I'm not sure if they are linked.

      • NateyTheGreaty says:

        Of course how someone dresses or acts doesn't indicate the desire to be raped. Does anyone really want to be raped? I hope not.

        I'm familiar with the "dressing like sluts" comment, and how people took that as victim blaming. Sure, that wasn't a good thing to say, but that's why I brought up sexual excitement being one of the numerous reasons for rape… none of them being valid, of course, since rape is a terrible thing. Anyone who does it deserves to have their balls cut off, in my opinion.

        I have known a few women who have been raped, one has even had it done to her twice. So it's a terrible thing that I can't even imagine going through. It was scary and difficult for me as a supporter of someone who experienced it. I think covering up a little bit has the potential to lower some people's chances, but it isn't a preventative thing and no excuse for a rapist's behavior.

        Like I said, there are a lot of reasons, but none of them invite rape or make the victim's responsible for another person's disgusting and unforgivable behavior.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sluts…….sluts everywhere…..

  3. Alan says:

    stupid sluts.

  4. absolutcarcrazy says:

    Isn't that a big reason why women dress "sexy" is to be desirable to men? I think rape is a terrible thing and you should be severely punished and/or beaten for it, but why do women head to clubs/bars/out wearing some of the things they do?

    • ....... says:

      They do it to attract men and because they think it looks nice. The same reason a guy would drive a nice car, but it doesn't mean he deserves to have it stolen if he ever drives it in public.

      • Car Guy says:

        The man that has his nice car stolen isn't surprised that the car gets stolen. He KNOWS that putting something out in public will attract more attention, some of it unwanted.
        If I park my high end car with the windows down in a bad neighborhood and the car gets stolen, I at least must share some of the blame for the theft.

  5. John says:

    The majority of those women wouldn't have to worry about being raped under any circumstances.

  6. Boldido says:

    This notion that we should all be able to do what we want without worrying about being a victim is too naive to be taken seriously. I should be able to leave my bicycle somewhere without chaining it up but the sad truth it I can't. I should be able to walk alone anywhere in this country without worrying about being beaten up or mugged, but I'd be foolish to walk down many streets in this country alone at night, regardless of how I dressed.

    If data shows that dressing provocatively increases the chances of someone being raped, then the cop was doing his job by telling these women that fact. His job was to tell them things they could do to increase their safety, not espouse poltically correct doctrine.

  7. That Guy says:

    STUPID protest. a woman can wear what she wants. but dressing sexy makes you a more likely target for a rapist. the rapist will most likely rape no matter what because they are sick in the head. if you dress to attract men's attention then you will also attract a rapist's attention.
    it's like a solider saying they can wear neon orange helmets if they want to. the enemy will still be looking to shoot at them regardless of what they are wearing, but it sure brings their attention to you, if you wear a neon orange helmet.
    there are rapists out there ladies… best to stay off their radar.

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