1. av8or22 says:

    Awesome. I should go to Eugene more often. I live about 1 hour north of Eugene.

  2. J.O says:

    #1 beautiful

  3. wood says:

    Way to anorexic. Stop it. And they're all stinky hippies.

  4. Mad says:

    You cant just steal other peoples images off the Internet and post them on a tacky website of girls in underwear. The hottest girls in Eugene have their clothes on and wouldn’t pose in lacy underwear. Ew. Stop drooling.

  5. Danny says:

    …moving to Oregon…will check back in soon…

  6. Bob says:

    #49…How cute is this girl??

  7. CBDeadman says:

    I'll take #5 and #26

  8. […] The Girls Of Eugene OR – TheBrigade […]

  9. Poololololol says:

    Makes me want to visit Merica

  10. Pictures says:


  11. Chester says:


  12. […] theBRIGADE: One American city: hot and beautiful girls of … – Source theBRIGADE wants to show off the beautiful women of your city Submit your Photos here … … One American city: fall in love with the girls of Eugene, OR (56 … rumors, nicotine, speculation, explosions, beautiful girls, funny pictures, assumptions, opinions, ugly people, and … […]

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