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  • Dan

    Wow. I didn't think carriers were sailed that way. I bet stuff was sliding everywhere. Of course, compared to the LST I was on, it's barely shifting.:)

    • absolutcarcrazy

      No kidding. Who knew you could power slide a carrier?

    • Vinny

      Actually, that is one of the things they are checking. "Are you sure your TV is secure?"

  • Kodos

    We like IKE…

    • 4everDistracted


  • Andy

    who let the japanese sailor drive? i knew theyll try to drift that haha

  • rogerf350

    Carriers can do some shit!! CVN 75!!!!!!

  • Michael

    This maneuver is one of several rudder test on a new vessel the ship is traveling at flank speed and the order is to take the rudder to full right and left to see what falls off! I was a shipyard worker (Shop 38) at Norfolk and Puget Sound Naval Yards and rode these beasts during sea trials. There is one picture that shows a "Crash Back"which the bridge crew tells the Engineering dept to go full reverse from full ahead and boy talk about shake rattle and roll!! Just think at nearly 100K tons of vessel being treated like an ocean speed boat and you get the idea.

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