1. brock says:


  2. wow says:

    VOLLEYBALL Chicks. #3 is causing some effect on me though:)

  3. […] more from the original source: I love soccer chicks: PAC-10 (47 Photos) Translate this […]

  4. Mandems says:

    I prefer ************FOOTBALL************* chicks!

  5. TheBigKahuna says:

    #46 is the US women's national team

  6. Brian King says:

    Fight on mighty Trojans!

  7. copy and paste says:

    love me some soccer birds….

  8. Daris says:

    Fit chicks are hot. Until they get mad and kick you in the nuts with their man legs.

  9. goWake says:

    how about soccer women of the ACC

  10. so glad i go to Arizona

  11. Leonel says:

    Can't wait for the womens world cup. Germany, Sweeden, Mexico, Brasil…😀

  12. sexualniner says:

    I’ll bet that field smells like fish. I wonder what the percentage of lesbians are on each team.

  13. Nobody says:

    #44 I'm pretty sure South Carolina is not in the Pac-10…

  14. Will says:

    They are hot but would be better in those tight ass volleyball shorts.

  15. Richie Rich says:

    AMEN for this!!! Soccer girls are by far the sexiest girls. Fit as hell and not afraid to get dirty

  16. derp says:



    S O C C E R


  17. David says:

    My wife and I had the great privilege of vsiiting the The Temple Bar on Sunday 12th and were absolutely gob smacked at the incredible performances of Dave and his many supporting musicians and singers.This was an incredible achievement and well worthy of breaking the Guiness World Record.Thanks for the memory.Allan & Pauline PritchardOakdale, Caerphilly, South Walestalent

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