1. absolutcarcrazy says:

    #10 Rachael Tennant is smoking hot. Who is #4?

  2. @pezatsea says:

    #6 Elisha Cuthbert Damn I felt wrong checking her out on Popular Science for Kids

  3. Bud says:

    #15 those are some bigguns!

  4. Raymond says:

    Wow some hot girls#26,#24,#20,#18,#16,#12,#4,#2 and big A$$ gun's.

  5. ilovethechive says:

    #4 #10 #20 #24 FTW!!! Amazing Womens!!!!

  6. BMW says:

    #4 Thank you.

  7. LookingFor#12 says:

    Does anyone know who #12 is?

  8. patov40 says:

    #4 and #20 – Seriously, what the hell! I'm supposed to get through the rest of my day after seeing this?😀

  9. Old Person says:

    Shucks, I was going to say that!

  10. […] original post here: You bring a Howitzer, I bring a high-res blonde (27 HQ Photos) Translate this […]

  11. Grendel says:

    I'll take one of everything on this post. There are areas in OK where no one could hear any of the noise made by these devices – but you might hear me with #2 – I think I would be louder.

  12. Tillman says:

    You boys brought out the Big Guns… in every sense of the terminology. Well done.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The Macy’s ad is really annoying!

  14. konaehukai says:

    #20. Very nice volleyballs.

  15. FIREEATER says:


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