1. fuzzybeard2016 says:

    Future EOD Tech in #61.

  2. Grendel says:

    #8- I can feel the explosion already

  3. mojo2975 says:

    #8 is a hot little firecracker, the kind that makes noise and screams i hope

  4. powersticks says:

    This post is making it REALLY hard to keep my inner pyromaniac in check.

  5. Bob says:

    Rick is my Brother. Hello, Rick. You've just been comment bombed. That is all

  6. Jimbo_Slice says:

    damn, we cant buy em this year… we're in the most severe drought intensity classification right now😦

  7. Josh says:

    I sure wish I could get these in California. Stupid safe-n-sane bullshit. Bring back the good shit from the 70's.

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