12 Mexican police were ambushed and killed (14 Photos)

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The other photos are of the largest marijuana plantation found in Mexico...never forget how lucky we are, so many humans in Mexico are be effected by these drug battles.

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  1. what a shame… i live in mty mx, and every night around 11 pm the gunfire starts, awful but i pray for our soldiers hopping that they may return to their families….. hope THEbrigade followers can understand the situation that the mexican people are going thru… as you my not realize, our fight( or war) is for protecting not also the freedom of the mexican people but also the objectives of your glorious country( U.S.A) we are the one's that stand in the way of the drug.. we are fighting so the least amount of drougs( and all the insecurity that comes with it) don't reach your borders.

    • Fasteddy14 says:

      I feel bad for the Mexican people. They are suffering because our country wants drugs, and our government wants to try to block the supply of those drugs. If there were no demand, there would be no supply. If pot wasn't illegal, it would be grown locally in the US and other countries would not have to suffer at the hands of the cartels… If we stopped the war on pot, a prolific yet relatively harmless drug, we could step up the war against serious drugs like cocaine, heroin, meth-amphetamines.

      The fear of pot is irrational.

    • jorge says:

      i live in mty to man, they stole my car a few months ago,they belive it was used in a firefight in Vercaruz

  2. vicsa89 says:

    #5 #7 #13 100% mexican

  3. RodT says:

    Always makes me feel proud and secured when I see the armed forces of Mexico, even in these times of violence and fear the cartels and criminal gangs have imposed on my country and people.
    To all the men and women, wether military or police, that are loyal to Mexico and its people, thank you and keep up the good work!

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