1. Bill Finegan says:

    what was the other best line…"I'm too busy to bleed".

    One movie starring two men- one a world class bobybuilder turned actor who eventually became a
    Governor and a Navy SEAL turned professional wrestler/actor who eventually became a Governor.

  2. John says:

    WTF is the point of this video. Answer to Predator Quote? 10 seconds of the movie to serve exactly what purpose.

    • Bill Finegan says:

      The 10 second video Rick posted is nothing less than brilliant. The quote and the ball-busting comeback is classic. The scene you just watched featured a battle hardened Navy SEAL- and it was filmed in "blackout" conditions. have you ever seen the movie? what are you, some kind of slack-jawed faggot?
      Every month the men in my neighborhood get together for our "men's spirituality group" last month we drank some beers, blew through a box of cigars, consumed some top-shelf scotch and watched this movie. Seriously- which team are you on?

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