1. […] more: High-res photos of the USS Virginia (27 HQ Photos) Translate this […]

  2. Dan says:

    Thank God I never went on a sub. I don't know how these guys do it.

  3. Rick says:

    6 months of little sun, keeping out of fights, getting SEALs to point B and, oh ya, if it actually goes down…your team has a bit of pressure b/c they have to stop the other team from pushing the big button (Virginia class are attack subs)

  4. Gecko says:

    Finally, some love for us Bubbleheads. Thanks, theBrigade. Love those pics! Now show me some real firepower on an Ohio-class.

    • Rick says:

      For sure, I try to mix up the subjects/vehicles so it may be a bit but I'll make sure to do it in high-res

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