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  2. bud says:

    makes me proud to call myself an american

  3. tjk says:

    badass…badass indeed.

  4. Bill says:

    He give a whole new meaning to "bust my foot off up in your #ss"!

    The SF motto "de oppresso liber" comes from this poem by St Augustine.

    The insidious enemies guarded against;
    The unlearned need to be taught,
    The indolent stirred up,
    The argumentative checked;

    The proud must be put in their place,
    The desperate set on their feet,
    Those engaged in quarrels reconciled;
    The needy have to be helped,

    The oppressed to be liberated,
    The good to be encouraged,
    The bad to be tolerated;
    All must be loved.

  5. Doc says:

    It's guys like this that make me wanna reenlist and give Selection another shot.

  6. Dude says:

    Yeah for killing people for no reason!!

  7. Logan says:

    GOD BLESS AMERICA! Someone get that man a BEER!

  8. Dead Embryonic Cells says:

    I wish I could think of a comment to really do that image justice. Go F*ck 'em up, son, make 'em pay a hundred times.

  9. thecursor says:

    We live in an age where injured soldiers come back to the battlefields as fucking CYBORGS! Awesome.

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