1. born2chive says:

    #26 WOW!!

  2. Really says:

    #11 Did those guys really go to war with that tonka toy? At least put a sweet paint scheme on it.

  3. thespecs says:

    #7 Best pic hands down. If it wasn't a friggin' sqaure it would be my desktop background right now.

    I'll take #4 to go with it.

  4. R2G Fan says:

    #26 That is one amazing ass!

  5. pcb_duff says:

    #25 USS Carl Vinson (CVN-70) leading USS Bunker Hill (CG-52) in the Strait of Malacca, 26 January 2011.

  6. testudo321 says:

    Can anyone explain the color codes on bullets? I think the red tip means tracer, but the rest?

    • Griff says:

      Black: AP
      Black/Silver: AP Plate Test
      Blue: Incendiary
      Green/White: Frangible
      Green/Tan: Frangible
      Orange: Tracer
      Red: Tracer
      Silver: Armor-piercing Incendiary
      White: Tracer, unfinished Frangible,
      Yellow: Observation and Proof rounds

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