• Tyler

    Freedom is not free. Rest in peace brave souls.

  • op:4

    SEAL’s were not the only military personnel lost… There were also three Air Force Combat Controllers, a Security Force Dog handler and locals. One is not more special than the others… Just saying.

  • Jeff

    Gone, but not forgotten!

  • Dan

    We should have just nuked Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran. Would have done the world a favor.

    • tutti

      No one has ever explained to me why we are even there. it's not a war, in a war you can shoot the enemy w/out asking some jag officer for permission. If we won't let the boys fight to win, we shouldn't even be fighting. Bomb them till the sand turns to glass.

      • James

        Damn straight, Tutti!

  • Lowrent75

    Brave souls lost. Thank you for your fighting for our freedoms…

  • anon

    To those that stand the watch, past, present, and future, know that it is worth the effort.

    • Rick

      simple, just a great comment

  • Bob

    It's just overwhelmingly sad to read about the best of our young men and women getting killed.

    I salute all who serve and mourn all that are K.I.A.

    Bring 'em home.

  • unknown

    god rest there souls you will not be forgoten

  • John

    I can think of a few words…."that's karma", "what goes around comes around"

    • pat

      fuck you dude

  • Sir_Real

    #5 I know personally. Went to the same high school. I'm friends with his younger brother. RIP Michael Strange and the other 37 service men. Thank you all for your service.

    • Bob

      Thanks for putting a name to the picture.

  • Toro

    #2 and the guy on the right in #11 is Aaron Vaughn. I didn't know him personally but I do know his sister and brother in law from my church. His family really misses him, but they keep saying he was a warrior, he knew what he was doing and was proud to be serving his country, and that they are infinitely proud of him. God bless him and his family. Say a prayer for them. Thank you Aaron, thank you SEALs, and thank you to those serving around the world. Those of us who don't wear unifroms will never fully get it, and we can never fully repay you.

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