Riots in London and Tottenham (28 Photos)

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These are photos from the protests over a man who was killed during an attempted arrest. As for the violent rioters, I've said it before…and I wont waiver, rioting only hurts those in your community.


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  2. P90 says:

    Before anyone starts, scumbags like these are the very small minority even in London let alone the rest of England or Britain as a whole.

    • Never been to England but this is stupid, they just make things worse. Same with Greece. Rioting never solves anything. You need to be progressive. Anarchy is never a good thing. These punks would never survive if this was the social norm. Get a job, make progress, be proactive in the community, just do something other than making life miserable for everyone else.

    • Paul says:

      Same here in Vancouver. I feel for you and your City.

  3. Maximiliaanvdv says:

    2012 London Olympic Riot Games

  4. Mr.Man says:

    Black youths think they control London.

    • dee says:

      im a white female and strongly disagree with that, the white youths are just the same. they all think theyre gangsters but there shouldnt be a race issue about it. The youth of today are the same black white red purple green, its how they think they should be heard. its the wrong way i agree. but whenever someone brings race into it, well thats just disgusting. its 2011 equal rights, MAKING IT ABOUT RACE, WELL THATS EVEN WORSE. and one of the reasons this started. so people that are gonna comment on race, just keep it to yourself.

  5. Dan says:

    Seriously, if you need to riot, don't do it in your neighborhood. Go the a neighboring rich or middle class neighborhood and burn it down. The government and cops don't care if you burn down a poor neighborhood.

  6. Third and long says:

    This is not a riot its about people robbing from shops thats all. been sitting outside my house watching black people robbing every shop loading cars up driving off then coming back again to do the same, no police anywhere its not a protest its people not wanting to work for things and going out and stealing it instead.

    • Steven says:

      licailuuw on August 30, 2011 i like my personality,? because i am? a? really happy person and i love to smile and? make other people smile with me , kisses from Peru love youu

    • Mueni says:

      I lazy girl banclh like that too! phew! glad i’m not the only one who fears an extra dish/pot to clean! dishes are the bane of my existence. true story =)

  7. Claude says:

    it is more black people than white.

  8. Mario says:

    All our modern cultures are on self-destruct. London, like other cities, is now unable to stop a portion of its youth running wild. Causes? Violent 'entertainment', a shift in values from obligations to rights, rampant materialism with social inequity, poor discipline and social values, atrocious parenting, and being so terror-stricken at offending anyone or having expectations of them that we're paralysed. This violence has been coming for ages yet everyone acts like there was no warning. It's complex, but still esentially cause-effect. Utterly predictable. We've failed our young people. We need to find a shred of vision and the courage to act on it. Materialism breeds materialists. Greed breeds the greedy. Injustice breeds the unjust.

  9. xspader says:

    Problem is you cant lock them up because its not Politically Correct to jail someone for 'protesting', the cops can beat the shit out of them like they (and I ) want to, and they cant shoot them because this is seen as excessive force. the result is what you see in these pictures and what we all saw happen in Canada. Idiotic people ruin their city for no good reason and then they will be the first to bitch and moan when their taxes get hiked to rebuild this, and their insurance premiums go up due to the wilful damage that they have had to shell out for.

    • tbreezy says:

      These people pay no taxes (aside from sales tax when they are not stealing), nor do they have insurance coverage. If they did, they would understand how such stupidity affects their wallets. Entitlement mentality at its finest.

  10. Paul says:

    Spare the rod spoil the child. Seems these losers could use a good ass kicking. What we should do is take the idiots from here in Vancouver and put them up against these London rioters. Let them fight each other until no one is left standing.

  11. sarah barry says:

    Everybody is being so judgmental of all the youth of today! This is only a small percentage of the youth of today! Stop stereotyping and refer to them as the people involved in the riots and not just the youth of today!

  12. Graham says:

    It's time to bring the Army in Armed as pommy cops aren't armed and start shooting a few of these wankers and if any of those caught are immigrants deport them ASAP no stuffing about. DOUBLE TAP and STOP the CRAP

  13. Mel Gibson says:

    Fuck Tottenham, ARSENAL<3!!!!!!!

  14. kimmy says:

    my drive to/from work takes anhwyere from 30 minutes to an hour depending on traffic. I’m on the retirement home living schedule too and I hate how late my favorite shows are on and I don’t have DVR!

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