1. disturbed says:

    #16 Touchdown!

  2. Raph says:

    #25, will you wear my mole? one of the funniest movies, don't care what you say

  3. P90 says:

    #17 This is from a TV show right?, it dosen't look real at all.

  4. TxPyro says:

    #29 It would seem as if the flag should always stay at half staff?

  5. CBRian1K says:

    #5. Fucking Iltis POS. May as well be made of paper mache.
    Too many CDN boys killed by road side bombs while driving these wretched things

  6. John says:

    #3 no way

  7. mclovin says:

    @11 -On the USS Enterprise as i type…

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