"My Grandfather recently passed away so I felt like sending in some pics to show off what a badass he was. Lt Col Al Rutherford flew F105G for the 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron based in Yokota,Japan. While engaging an enemy railroad he was shot down but later rescued by a HU-16. A month later he was flying again. During a mission to attack more sites near an enemy railroad "Shotgun 01" was on a mission to take out more sites along NE railroad. The day was clear but on the roll in from the South he faced the most complete coverage of fire he had seen. After being hit by 85mm twice he kept on and delivered his "750's" or M117 bombs. Later he had to eject because of low hydraulic pressure but was rescued again. What a badass. He received the Purple Heart twice but didn't talk about his experiences much with us younger ones. We all still miss our Grandfather, Father, and Husband a ton. Even though he took his final flight only a few weeks ago we still know he is cruising around on Full AB somewhere in the heavens." Thanks Eric and family for your service and sending these in.
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