Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 Photos)

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theBRIGADE wants to show off your pictures from service
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  1. Paul says:

    #10 Fist bump denied

  2. Kaldar says:

    #25 Karas, I've worked with her, she's much prettier then in that photo. And she has a voice that could melt butter.

  3. ID_ says:

    #15 & #19 – Just wow.

  4. Kodos says:

    Is that the YAK-41 that was originally supposed to take over VTOL of Soviet carriers?

  5. Bill57 says:

    I Use to deliver to Gruman in Bethpage NY and Calverton NY and now it is sad that the F-14 is retired

  6. Lisa says:

    Rick…#28 & #29? You've been taking lessons from John. :)

    Any service people that see this, thank you. :) Y'all rock.

    And pic #4 is awesome. Excellent work.

  7. nelj says:

    #18 is begging to be shopped

  8. […] the original here: Daily Afternoon Randomness (34 Photos) Translate this […]

  9. Tim Nichols says:

    Check out #9…. I don't know which of those scares me more!!

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