Gaddafi’s forces learn not to piss off HMS Liverpool (4 Photos)

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he veteran destroyer came under fire from coastal batteries near the port of Zlitan as she carried out a night-time mission with NATO forces.
None of the enemy shells hit home, but three high-explosive rounds left the barrel of the destroyer’s 4.5in main gun at twice the speed of sound – and promptly silenced the pro-Gaddafi battery.
Later in the same day, a patrol aircraft spied a vehicle convoy moving along the coast road carrying ammunition and equipment for the front line.
Once again the order, “4.5 – engage!” echoed around Liverpool’s operations room as 54 high-explosive rounds were sent crashing into the column of vehicles, destroying some, seriously damaging others.



  1. Bill57 says:

    very cool, Nice Work

  2. fasterthanu says:

    Britain alone could crush Gaddafis forces in a single night, if we went in balls blazing of course.

    The Falklands taught the world that no one is out of our reach.

    • P90 says:

      The real lesson learned from the Falklands was that, if you are British and you get in the shit, no matter where you are in the world, we'll come and get you. That is an incredible thing in my opinion.

  3. Anil says:

    I’d like to know what grounds you plan on brgniing suit against the Chive. Why not a gallery of black thinkers and cultural leaders? I don’t know. Do any of them wear sports bras and look like the chivettes above? If so I think they would fit in this post. You see, it is tittled “Get back in the game with sports bras.”

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