1. Rick says:

    #48, pretty sure that is a Drew Carey bit. I've seen it credited to George before but I would bet just about anythoing it was Drew Carey. Just saying.

  2. Stupid Hurts says:

    #11 More please!

  3. kaidoh101 says:

    #44 just too damn gorgeous!!

  4. pip420 says:

    ed hardy sucks, and i hope she does too.

  5. Nanook says:

    Sweet Jesus! Winner of the Best Legs in the Universe contest. #31

  6. perfectionist says:


  7. God says:

    I created such a beautiful woman didn't I?

  8. #15 loved Moon Bloodgood since I first saw her in Journeyman, a series that should never have been cancelled….damn writer's strike.

  9. northerner says:

    #42, now THAT is nice…beautiful girl, nice outfit. Comfortable pose. Win.

  10. Lolita says:

    #27 is SOO pretty and she doesnt have to be half-naked.

  11. chiverMike says:

    #6 #11 #52 #54
    All of the above but #6 wins.

  12. waltgator says:

    #25 nice boob sweat!

  13. mali_sapun says:

    #45 what a monumental mistake

  14. oranglewat says:

    #3 that's a big ass doooooooooOOMG!

  15. bill says:

    omg.she is a beautiful,sexy,well dressed woman. find her please.need more.

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