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  • http://www.videoconverterfactory.com/ NeoDra

    i am still not sure which side is right in the war….
    but it's not important now
    the war is ending

    • stan

      The people dont want their leader and he wouldn't step down if I remember correctly. Same thing could happen here, except most people have no balls

  • chuck

    why "no really scary" just askin??? please reply and I will rereply

    • Wally

      The pictures show elation at the overthrow of a despot and the potential for a better or at least a different life.
      The scary part is "What now?". With Quadafi gone, there is no infrastructure – people who run the country. Who fixes water pipes, maintaines electrical grids, pays paycheques, runs government institutions like mail services?
      What if those who step in to fill this power vacuum turn Libya into an Islamist extremist state like Iran? All that would be missing is the nuclear weapons Iran is strongly rumoured to have or at least be working on. A country that views the West as "infidels" AND has nuclear weapons . . . ? Not good. Or, "very scary".

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