1. […] the rest here: A Friday Choose your Weapon (25 HQ Photos) Translate this […]

  2. Twist says:

    #24 I choose her vagina. It'll win every time.

  3. Whiskey Tango says:

    # 15 I want two of these.

  4. Silentstatic says:

    I take the South Shore into Chicago twice daily and would love to tack #14 onto the front of my train. Have a little fun with cars on the adjacent tollways. xD

  5. Raph says:

    #14, would so be the tits!

  6. John says:

    #19 Halo – jackal sniper rifle?

  7. Trollatc says:

    #18 The one I'm a plankowner of.

  8. unknown says:

    i call 1-25 owned

  9. Person 1 says:

    #20 Overthrow despotic governments LIKE A BOSS

  10. Sean says:

    #25 easy

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