1. […] here to see the original: Medic from 159th BTF Thunder helping wounded 10 year old kid (4 Photos) Từ khóa: army, cool, enduring freedom, medics, u.s. army | Chuyên mục: Chưa được phân […]

  2. Bill57 says:

    but remeber not to fart. idiots

  3. Guest says:

    such a hypocrisy

  4. Anonymous says:

    This made my week.

  5. Miuly says:

    Dan DuBose’s Pre Blue Torch FabWorks Jeep YJ, The Barn Built Jeep | 509 Media Probably not the flat fenders you were lnoikog for but they are flat. This was a Jeep I built many years ago while still in college. Things have changed a lot since then. For those lnoikog for a simple way to build flat fenders at home this might be of help. Blue Torch FabWorks, Inc. Please direct your questions about this part to the Blue Torch Fab staff. I sold the company last year. From what I understand they are vendors here on the board. __________________ Dan DuBose <<>>

  6. Karlaa says:

    Great Product!!! I wanted to cgahne the look of my Losi crawler but was a little worried of how well these would hold up. I ordered them from a link on Pirate 4 4. They arrived quickly and packed well. The material used is way stronger than I thought. The graphics are awesome.I wheel this little crawler with my son. He has stock stickers and they look like crap. Mine still looks great. I would buy again! I am now considering having my panels on my fullsize crawler done. The only problem with the stickers is my son want some too. Then mine wont stick out of the crowd!

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