1. Smitty says:

    The little prick thinks he's being funny.

    Doesn't realize how close he came to getting gassed, arrested and beaten with a rubber hose.

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  3. European Guy says:

    I really find that unapproriate to hope to see someone getting punched. He's just a f******* kid (or maybe a teenager) with he's face painted who plays close to the policemen with a plasticgun. I don't see any kind of provocation here. He didn't insult them (at least we don't know he did) and he doesn't seem to touch them directly. It's in Chile, he most probably is a young poor boy for who seeing policement in real is exciting. As exciting as seeing policemen or soldiers is to all the youngs boys of the world. I really don't get it. To me the this whole post is really dumb and only promotes stupid bare violence.

    'merica, you really need to think further sometimes

    • mongoose5271 says:

      European Guy, I find it INappropriate that you assume that all of America wants to see this kid get punched in the face. You really need to think further before you post next time.

    • Raph says:

      yeah i do want to see that kid get punched in the face. why, i don't care that he's having fun, but there is a time and a place for that. when police/soldiers are there for a reason they're ready to roll. and playing games there is not the place for it. it's called common sense and this kid has none of it.

    • Rick says:

      I understand that this isn't in the U.S. but if it was, I would have made the exact same title…but I'll do my best to "think further sometimes"

    • 'Merica says:

      His provacation is being thier, thier is a police line for a reason, not because they want to see who comes up to them. He does need to be showed some "manners". You don't run up to someone in a situation like this and act like a as?hole

    • jocephus says:

      this was the trolliest troll I ever trolled and you all responded. . .

    • Dan says:

      He's not that little. Looks like he's anywhere from 10 to 14 or in otherwords "old enough to know the fuck better". And in some fabulous places in our world, old enough to die for whatever cause his elders gave him a gun for. Soldiers and cops dont like any kind of gun pointed at them for any reason. Those guys have a shitload of restraint to not at least box his ears and send him away with a broken toy gun.Thanks for the lecture though.

    • That Guy says:

      there seems to be lots of things you don't get… like girls, logic, respect. the kid is visually spitting in the cops faces. he is trying to provoke a reaction. he has no respect for what they stand for. you are most likely that guy that puts a hand in the face of someone and say what's the problem? i'm not touching you. that just gets you slapped. this kids action should get him slapped. not talking about ending his life. just a lesson of respect. something you don't seem to understand.

  4. European Guy says:

    Sorry for the few misspellings, english is not my first language.

  5. lfod says:

    Way to go turbo…

  6. European Guy says:

    Downvoting me ain't gonna make you smarter guys😉

  7. Johnny Bloom says:

    Maybe this kid knew exactly what he was doing. Maybe he is sick of living in a police state where the heavily armed and protected cops enforce laws put down on the people that have blow by blow taken their liberty, freedoms and opportunities. And maybe this is all he could do to give in his own little way a bit back at oppression.

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