1. Raph says:

    #24, #31 although i love jessica from true blood, give me salma anyday

  2. Dan says:

    Is #44 from a movie?

  3. disturbed says:

    #36 If they looked like that – I'd hunt them too. But I'd use olive oil and whip cream as weapons of choice.

    • JDub says:

      olive oil?? there's a lot better things out there than olive oil to get all greased up but whatever, … If I could get my hands on that I'd use anything she'd let me…

      anybody know a name or what this picture is from??

  4. […]               Source: Antique Vampire Hunter Kit photos from The Brigade     Do you know someone who will like this? Share it with other vampire fans:Tweet […]

  5. Fang_Banger says:

    #1 #10 #24 #31 #36
    I want to do bad things with you.

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