Who went over the top? (174 Photos)

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Well, it looks like I did. I made a post about the National Guardsmen loosing control of the their vehicle during the flood. To which, I posted the falling title:
"F*%@ this a** hole with his camera (Video and my rant)"
…and my rant went as follows:
"To the camera man and his friends, I hope next 4th of July while you’re getting drunk and watching the fireworks, you remember that your video makes fun of people helping your community. In fact, let’s go further. When you take your last breath in life, I hope this thought creeps into your fat head: you spent your life as a cancer to society. So there’s my rant. One last thing for these guys, using my personal favorite American phase, “f*ck you”."

After taking a step back and reading some of the comments, it has sunk in that the whole rant/title was a very bad idea. Simply put, I didn't think out my actions. Sorry for that one…it was just immature crap. I'm confident in my ability to make stupid moves in future posts but I'll do my darndest to learn from this and future screw-ups.

I'm pissed at myself, mainly, for the following:

1. People send me powerful images that they entrust in me to present on a respectable web site (I'll be it goofy at times)

and the real kicker

2. My goal from day one of theBrigade is to bring people to know the human-side of those serving in the Military/Guard/Police/Firefighters and all those here (and our allies abroad) who put there lives on the line.

Unfortunately, acts like posting "When you take your last breath in life…you spent your life as a cancer to society", undermines both my responsibility to those sending me photos…and worse, I beat a drum that forced people to "choose a side". So, if you're still reading, thank you to those who posted comments that pointed out that I took an irrational stance on a stupid little video. Basically, I acted like a child…and that will not help bring good people from "out side of service" to a point in which they want to take the time to meet those that serve.

I'm typing "sorry" but I promise, I'd rather apologize eye-to-eye.

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