1. HH6 says:

    Uhhh….. Where's the pics?!?

  2. johngalt says:

    Awesome Pictures….would love to "actually" see them

  3. born2chive says:

    late night Rick??

  4. Raph says:

    haha looks like i wasn't the only one enjoying a few drinks last night, stay up Rick

  5. Kodos says:

    I sense…. fail…

  6. mongoose5271 says:

    Excellent post, Rick!

  7. Apsalus says:

    Dont get me wrong I love the Brigade but would it hurt to post the source where you got these from? I wholeheartedly agree these pictures should be more widespread throughout the internet but you're keeping people from a wonderfully pictured chronology of the 2nd world war as originally posted by
    Im not trying to be douche .

    • Apsalus says:

      SORRY SORRY SORRY I didnt see the tiny source at the bottom (you should make that more prominent but still my fault).

      • Buffalo native says:

        WOW shut the fuck up! Hint, when you have to say "Im not trying to be a douche" It means you are being a DOUCHE! You act like your paying for this shit. Dont like it, don't come here.

  8. […] America's homefront preparation for WWII in color : theBRIGADE __________________ RIP Travis Billings […]

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