1. Bill57 says:

    Very cool great post thanks Rick

  2. Eric says:

    What class is it? It looks like a marine landing ship

  3. Stan says:


  4. steve says:

    Beautiful, fitting, and patriotic recycling. Americans will never forget and never be afraid.

  5. Raph says:

    so figgin sweet, great post Rick

  6. Jul says:

    Really cool, but you realize that 7,5 tons is a really small quantity of steel? Why not more?

  7. Lowrent75 says:

    Made in Louisiana…Proud of that.

  8. Chevy757 says:

    The ship is full of items donated by many families and organization from the great city of New York. She is a Marine transport ship with a crew of 300+ and can hold up to 800+ Marines if need be. They actually used 11 tons of steel from the World Trade Center site but after smelting it down they had only 7 and half tons for use on the Bow Stem which is the piece on picture 7. They decided to use that piece because its the strongest piece on the ship and is the first to cut through the water, leading the way. I am very proud to call myself a Plankowner.

  9. US Soldier says:

    Should have never used parts of a crime scene..that's evidence..god damn 9/11 was an inside job..wake up dicks

    • Nexant says:

      Oh yea let me tell you. Every rivet of the building has Cheney's dermal ridges on them where he loosened them by hand so they will fall faster retard. We just forgot to dust them before we melted them down our bad the nation apologizes to you.

  10. tzmlt says:

    GREAT..!!!good knowledge…

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  12. Bebexito says:

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